What's Virtual Disk Software CCDisk?

CCDisk is the virtual disk software for game center developed by Youngzsoft, compatible with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8 and Windows server 2012. It's easy to use, no difficult settings. Just some steps, you'll know it very well and attracting by its wonderful performance. Let's talk about its main features in details.

  1. Share hard disk access on the server with the clients

    You don't have to do anything, just download CCDisk, and finish the installation; the hard disk on the server will be shared to the clients. I bet that you won't believe it, but it's really true, because intelligent match is equipped in CCDisk. You can download this magic virtual disk software CCDisk, test it and find that by yourself.

  2. Restore to clean disk status after each reboot

    Maybe you still get annoyed by the virus and Trojan, and spend lots of time but can't find useful anti-virus software. Don't worry, virtual disk CCDisk will protect your PC fundamentally. After reboot the client, the game disk will be restored to a clean state without any viruses and Trojans. Your PC and data can't be safe any more.

  3. Update it on one PC and all PCs are updated

    Now, we have many customers who are Internet cafe owners, they benefit a lot from this function, no need to update games or software on client one by one. Just finishes the update on one PC with super client enabled, and then virtual disk CCDisk will make all your PCs are updated.

  4. Save the hard disk expenses and manage time

    Using CCDisk, no doubting that hard disk expense is saved, because CCDisk can be a storage server which exports a server's storage resources to clients. The clients can access an iSCSI disk as a local hard disk. On the meanwhile, updating work can be finished on one machine, different from traditional operation, help you saving much time, you can manage these time more reasonable and efficiently.

  5. It is as fast as the local disk

    CCDisk is applied with advanced cache technology, virtual disk is almost the same with the local disk; of course the running performance is not a problem.

Perhaps, you want to know more about virtual disk CCDisk, why not download it from CCDisk website and try?